The Lipscomb chapter has had a growing year. We were able to find a new advisor who has become a great asset to our chapter. This year we held more events and had more student involvement than in previous years, this allowed students to give back to the community and helped them develop professionally.


Our annual Fall Fiesta was once again a success between our members and our student body. We started an annual Appreciation Dinner for our facility workers during the school year. We were also able to connect with Caterpillar Financial to start a mentorship program with the ocers, and for the next year, we have been able to extend the program to the members of the chapter as well. The Lipscomb chapter also participated in the first ever cultural week, WOW Week, at Lipscomb.


The 2013-2014 year has been a growing year. Our membership has increased and we have held more events for professional development and also have held relaxing, fun events where members can get to know each other better. Each leader has put eort and time into making this year a success; without the leaders and members, we would not have accomplished as much. I know the ocers who have been elected for the next year will continue to do great things that will help the FUTURO chapter at Lipscomb grow more.

– Hannah Garcia

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